Lemon balm regulates blood pressure and is indispensable during menopause. It helps with nervous disorders (stomach illness, palpitations) and difficulty falling asleep. Its antispasmodic and its relaxing effect is also seen in migraine and headache. Due to its antiviral activity, it is used against herpes and other viruses. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Supports/Is good for Cramps Nervous stomach and bloating Nervous heart complaints Blood pressure Sleep Headaches Menopausal and menstrual cramps Herpes Area of use Nervous disorders, overwork and stress, gastrointestinal tract, menopause, cardiovascular system. Emotional Analogy Helps release problems and to find inner peace. To find multiple solutions for the challenge and not cling to one solution, no matter what it might hold, but be open to new possibilities. Everything appears in a new light with a cheerful, warm balance. Open your heart and the...


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