Lepiform Lepidium & L-Carnitine & Guarana


Product Name: Capsule Supplement Food Containing Lepiform Lepidium & L-Carnitine & Guarana Product Brand: Mindivan Product Size: 1 capsule 500 mg, 1 bottle= 60 capsules 30 g Summary Information PRACTICAL WAY TO STAY FIT In order to maintain a healthy life and stay in shape in our daily lives, we must pay great attention to our diet and sleep patterns. However, many of us unfortunately fail to achieve the part of regular nutrition and eating healthy foods, and therefore need additional foods. With Lepiform Lepidium &L-Carnitine &Guarana Containing Capsule Supplementary Food, which are produced according to your needs and consisting of completely natural ingredients, you can take a significant part of the nutritional values you will need to take daily using these capsules. Food supplements produced in capsule form are produced using L-Carnitine, which contains enzymes that help our immune system and digestive system to work quickly.

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