Being confronted by the minor daily problems of her own children, Anne-Sophie sought effective, natural solutions. Fearful that they might be suffering from a dietary lack, she begins a search for nutritional solutions to supplement their diet. Not finding what she wanted, she decided to consider the precise daily needs of children in order to create her own range of products designed to provide well-being and comfort for both children and parents. Using her extensive experience as a scientist and her many years involved in plant research, Anne-Sophie has used her knowledge to help young people of all ages : Les Secrets d’Anne-Sophie® came into being With a pleasant taste for children, these products are based with non-GMO plants and fruit, are organic and contain no colorants. Laboratoire Mergens provides the key to the secret of serein daily parenting! Les Secrets d’Anne-Sophie®, both effective and natural solution for daily support for your children.

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