Leves complement ideally to flow measurements, since each flow is coming from a container or is pumped into a tank or container. For this the level information is extremely important because through these pumps and valves can be controlled, so that the flow can be measured with high reliability. In case of emptying tanks, the pump power can be reduced, so that the risk of air in the pipes is reduced. This in turn would affect the measurement. During tank filling can by throttling the power of the pump a overfilling be avoided so that the full capacity of a tank can be exploited. The level measurement in combination with the flow measurement complement each other ideally, if the measured information are processed together and evaluated. The plant availability is held high, because in case of failure or maintenance of a measurement, the other still works. Energy optimized, high-frequency electromagnetic impulses, generated by the electronics, are propagated along the probe (single rod..


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