Levelling Feet are a high end threaded product suited towards the levelling out of a surface. This kind of foot works by having a slightly movable base that can adjust to slightly uneven surfaces, increasing the stability and strength experienced when placed on such a floor. These are used over non-levelling options due to the rigidness that some fixed versions can provide, especially on flooring such as concrete which often has discrepancies in the smoothness of finish. We stock these base adjusting feet in many styles, often labelled as 'articulating' on site, these mean that the base can adjust to the flooring you place them on, increasing stability and weight ratings of such uses. Free samples and fixings available on site.

Industrial tools
  • levelling feet
  • base adjusting feet
  • feet for levelling

Product features

Levelling Feet For Uneven Surfaces Range Of Styles
Metal Nylon
Weight Rated For Machinery

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