With the LeviWafer-Gripper Transport system it is possible, to lift and transport sensitive Wafers contactless. In combination with the transport, (un)loading of stacks and cassettes is also possible. The gripper uses ultrasonic bearing technology to keep the wafer at a distance, thus enabling contactless transport. In addition to micro-scratches and -cracks, contamination by particles is avoided since without compressed air no air turbulence is created. Therefore, the gripper is also very suitable for clean rooms. The LeviWafer-Gripper can be designed with a single or double paddle. Features of the LeviWafer-Gripper: - Contactless pickup - No micro-scratches, micro-cracks, or particles - Suitable for standard cassettes - Low energy consumption - Customizable according to customer specifications

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  • wafer gripping
  • contactless gripping
  • wafer handling

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