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SFSB INTRODUCES THE SORMAT LIEBIG ANCHORS Based on customer needs we introduced the Sormat Liebig® product range. We focussed mainly on the dimensions M6 and M8 of the Liebig® Safety bolt A4, Liebig® Anchor zinc plated and A4, but sizes go up to M20. Please find the complete list of outgoing Liebig® items here. In the list you can also find recommendations of another Sormat Liebig® anchor that can be used instead. DELTA –coated S-KAD S-KAD -through bolt with DELTA -coating is Sormat’s new premium through bolt for cracked and non-cracked concrete. Our long-time customers might remember S-KAD as a through bolt with double expansion sleeve. Well, now the “D” stands for durable, chromium (VI) -free DELTA -coating and the anchor S-KAD comes with a single expansion sleeve. DELTA -coating gives excellent protection against corrosion. It has a good resistance to temperature, weathering and chemicals without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.