Lifoflex Bonding series


Lifoflex B038/B045 These special TPE grades do have a high bonding to PA6, PA66, PA12 in two component parts. Also to glass fibre reinforced polyamide materials (up to 40% of glass fibre) a high bonding strength can be achieved. Modification of the polyamide with a primer is no longer necessary. The outstanding properties of these TPE compounds, like a high service temperature range, high oil resistance, soft touch surface and high flexibility, offer a wide variety of possible applications. Lifoflex B038/B045 materials are very easy to process in injection molding. The wide processing window results in a lower rate of defective parts and faster cycle times. Properties: Very high bonding strength to PA6, PA66,PA12 (including glass fi bre reinforced polyamide) Wide hardness range, from 25 up to 90 Shore A Very good chemical resistance High oil resistance High service temperature range (-40°C up to +120°C) Easy processing Wide processing window Easy coloring with color masterbatches Sof

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