Lift turn unit

Lift turn unit, drive random curves or defined curves possible


In case of a stroke of 40 mm unlimited swiveling movements can be performed Through the separated drives it is possible to drive random curves or defined curves It can be realized a low-backlash in the swivel range of max. 1 minute of angle It is possible to observe a repeating accuracy in the stroke of 50 μm Highlights: turn- and lift-movement absolute independent rotation axis unlimeted rotatable no limitation of interpolated movements of both axes end stops of the lift axis absorbet Because the upper part of the gearbox is steplessly variable with respect to the lower part, the module can be adapted to fit in an existing space. choice of direct lift-axis drive, or, when there is insufficient space below, with a timing-belt primary drive (rotable 3 x 90° ) backlash on rotary axis < 1' play on lift axis < 0,05 mm

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