Sheet metal • Boxes • Concrete • Case • Barrels • Bucket • Plastic • Cutting Vacuum lifting units for flexible, mains-free applications without bothersome power cables. Integrated batteries, battery voltage from a forklift or an integrated current generator are used to supply power. inquiry Example of use AERO-LIFT lifting devices with battery power Vacuum lifting device type AERO 250/1R-24V This mains free vacuum lifting device with battery power up to 250 kg. The own weight is only 29 kg. Additional are different suction plates or a additional battery pack possible. Type Art.No. Load Net weight Suction plates number/ Ø height AERO 250/1R-24V 1030703 250 kg 29 kg 1 / 350 mm 622 mm AERO 250/1R-24V Flex 1030704 250 kg - - - Vacuum lifting device type AERO 300/6R-24V-Fork lift Vacuum lifting device with battery power to handle metal sheets up to 300 kg with a fork lift truck or cran. Vacuum lifting device type AERO 500/1M-24V Vacuum lifter for stoneplates up to 2400 x 1200 mm...

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