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Light board - Light transparent board for drawing with markers


Illuminated transparent board for drawing with fluorescent markers. It is widely used in educational institutions, as well as when recording video. The text is visible clearly and vividly. Thanks to the RGB backlight, you can change the color of the written text. Glass size: 60x90cm; 80x120cm; 100x150cm; 100x174cm, 110x195cm Glass type: diffusing,chemically brightened, with edge polished. Glass thickness: 6 mm. Frame: metal, welded, powder painted. Glass frame base, metal Equipped with RGB edge lighting. Front lighting is located at an angle of 45 degrees. Color temperature: 5500 Kelvin. The power supply is located inside the structure. Includes 4 LED backlight strips. The RGB backlight is connected to the controller and has the ability to change color. Both lights are equipped with a toggle switch that turns both light strips on and off.