With its four plant extracts, this serum is specially designed to lighten the complexion of the skin. This prevents the complex formation of melanin by blocking the conversion of tyrosine into melanin. Rich in sugar, grapes contain a high concentration of tannin, vitamins and amino acids for a gentle exfoliation and to protect the skin. We use the roots of Scutellaria for its anti-inflammatory properties, and its lightening effect on the skin. Mulberry extract also contains strong lightening constituents which can reduce the appearance of brown spots, and also has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Saxifrage is rich in tannin, used for its anti-free radical action, and it also contains lightening ingredients. Grapes Exfoliation, protection, lightening Scutellaria Anti-inflammatory, lightening, Mulburry Moisturizing, lightening Saxifrage Antioxidant, whitening It should be applied daily to the entire face, neck and hands on a perfectly cleansed skin before the Lightening...

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