MAIN CHARACTERISTICS : * Petrol Generating set - Power 6.4 KW - 230 V * Trailer on Tyres with brakes and stabilizers. * Telescopic Mast Height 5 m. with manual Rack. * Balloon 4 000 W Ø 1 m. with Ball Joint. * Resistance to wind = 100 Km/h * Weight = 200 Kg * Reference : MOBEC Mobile The " MOBEC" can be handling moved. Its Wheels for any ground allow to access on uneven or muddy Soils. It can be moved on trailer, or on manual / or motorized Platform Trolley. (See TRACK OPTIONS ) Strong The Balloon has been studied to be proof against many handling. Inflated by air, it is totally waterproof whatever position it has on the ball joint. Real air cushion, the inflated cover will protect the balloon against all violent shocks or falling. Reliable With 2 separated Circuits, you will never be on dark. The Balloon is also in conformity with the European Regulations for the Electrical Norms and Workers Protection. Easy to use Very compact, the " MOBEC" needs few Handling for the starting up

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