Lights for the reading and verification of codes

Dome,Coaxial and Bar Lights for standard-complaint reading/verification of codes


Verification and standard-compliant reading is not only used to decipher codes according to standardised processes but also to measure the quality of the code and assess how it can be analysed. The high-quality assessment of the code ensures that this can be read with absolute reliability under unchanged conditions. Verification adapter for Dome, Coaxial and Mini Bar Lights - direct mounting on the camera system - defined swivelling in and out of the lighting - reproducible construction for all reading stations Mounting system for Mini Bar Lights - four, two and one-sided arrangement - defined fixing points for standard-compliant 30° and 45° setting

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • standard-compliant verification
  • standard-compliant reading of codes
  • LED lighting

Product features

Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Illumination colour Infrared, Red, White, Green, Blue
Protection class IP40 or IP67

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