Light-weight fireproof rockwool board FireCore

Construction core of rock wool and inorganic impregnation matrix


Multilayer refractory construction core based on rock wool and inorganic impregnation matrix for the production of fire-resistant building structures. ✓ 100% natural and inert ✓ non-flammable, according to IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 1, DIN EN 13501 ✓ meets the requirements of the RAL quality mark certification ✓ heat- and sound-insulating ✓ pressure resistant ✓ water-repellent ✓ dimensionally stable with temperature changes ✓ recyclable

Flame retardant construction materials
  • fire protection
  • Light-weight fireproof mineralwool board
  • non-combustible fire retardant board

Product features

Schmelzpunkt > 1000°C

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