Lightweight folding snowmobile "Rusak"

Lightweight folding snowmobile "Rusak" with a gasoline engine

1190.00$ HT


The Rusak snowmobile is a single-track snowmobile with a petrol four-stroke engine designed for active recreation. The snowmobile is capable of moving on snow and ice at a speed of up to 40 km/h. The gasoline engine can be easily started with a manual starter (electric start possible). Thanks to the forced air cooling system, the internal combustion engine does not overheat when driving at low speed for long periods. The snowmobile's load capacity allows it to be driven by one person weighing no more than 110 kg, and the additional load can be placed and towed in a sleigh weighing no more than 80 kg. The snowmobile can be folded into a passenger car. The snowmobile can be used not only for entertainment with friends and family in the open air, but also for everyday household tasks. In addition, a snowmobile is an excellent vehicle in a snowy region in rural areas. We also offer custom-designed snowmobiles with different characteristics.

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Product features

Trailer load 50 kg
Tank volume 5 L
Distance on the way 30 km
Engine power 13 h.p.
Speed 40 km/h
Weight 90 kg
Engine Type gasoline
load capacity 120 kg
Caterpillar Width 38 сm

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