AXON'CABLE offer lightweight microwave coaxial cables: they are 30% lighter than the avionics WN standard. Light and thin, they exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical performance. Advantages Excellent attenuation values, 15 dB for 100 m at 1 GHz, Temperature rating: -55°C to +180°C, Characteristic impedance: 50 Ω, In accordance with EN 4604-009 avionics KW standards. Construction Axon' lightweight coaxial cables are made with: an aluminium conductor and a Celloflon® dielectric (expanded PTFE), a silver plated copper braided shield, a reinforced aluminium braided shield and a FEP outer jacket. Can be terminated with (up to 18 GHz): SMA plug, straight or swept 90° TNC plug, straight or swept 90° N plug, straight or swept 90° N jack, straight up to 12 GHz. Applications Aircrafts, Helicopters.


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