Lignovit Wood Protection

The professional wood finish with added value


ADLER is the specialist when it comes to wood preservation and wood paints and varnishes. Work at the ADLER factory on the development of water-thinnable wood finish products for wooden constructions had already commenced 20 years ago. Over the years these have been continuously improved. At the same time the raw materials were further developed and the latest product family was created: The Lignovit range. Using these water-thinnable, thin-film wood finishes, professionals could give the ADLER value addition to their wooden construction. Rely on material of the future wood and give your customer the beauty and quality of this natural raw material. Based on the motto "Grow together", ADLER now provides its know-how, well-developed and seasoned concepts and experience to master carpenters and industrial producers. With the help of the ADLER wood finishes of the Lignovit family, you have, in any case, a system available that does justice to your high demands on quality, beauty and...

  • Wood Protection
  • Wood Paint
  • Varnishes for Wood

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