Line Series Jet-pulse Compact Panel Filter Unit

Industrial Ventilation Devices


COMPACT Bomaksan brand LINE Series Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filter units take up less space thanks to their compact design . It is a plug / play device that contains all its accessories. Delivered in one piece, pre-installed. It is a Plug & Play device. SILENT Bomaksan brand LINE Series Jet-Pulse Cartridge Filter units increase the air quality of your factory without causing noise pollution thanks to the specially designed sound-insulated fan and cabinet and the low-pressure cleaning system developed within the scope of R&D . ECONOMIC Bon is to brand Line Series Jet-Pulse Cartridge filter units, its compact structure has low piping and transportation costs. Fast shipment and installation is provided with its structure that can be shipped in a container without disassembling. AUTOMATIC CLEANING Thanks to the highly efficient automatic cleaning system designed by Bomaksan within the scope of the R&D Project, while the consumption of compressed air decreases, the filter life increases.

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