Line VASIL SWAY 1000

New line of professional sports-training machines with free weights system


VASIL SWAY 1000 - maximum training effect while working out with the free weights. New form and content are the distinguishing features of the line VASIL SWAY 1000. New design is innovative and attractive. It will decorate your fitness center and will modernize it. VASIL SWAY 1000 has the independent loading levers. Due to the new production technology it approaches the trajectory of the sports-training machines to the maximum pattern of the limbs. It is ideal for the posttraumatic rehabilitation. VASIL SWAY 1000 - it is maximum loads in the minimum room. There is the possibility to work out safely with the record loadings to 350 kg. Maximum growth of the loading at the moment of peak traction.

Sports equipment
  • Professional sports-training machines with free weights system
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