Product description High-precision Linear-Set Type: SMGWH-16-W-2GC16-KHPP Application: Linear guides, for example milling machines Size: shaft 16mm, length max 1000mm (choosable exactly) Free configuration to length system (shaft). 100% exactly system for your need with pr ice saving for th e user compared to the si ngl e purchase. System length: choosable exaclty up to 1000mm (lenght shaft) Material shaft: here in Cf53, hardened 59-65 HRC, Eht min. 0,9mm, grounded in h6 (0 / -11my) Housing unit: 2 pcs SMGC-16-KHPP Shaft support block: 2 pcs. SMGWH-16 Shaft support block unit Type SMGWH-16-W-2GC16-KHPP: 1x Shaft support block unit, length 1000mm with 2x SMGC-16-KHPP and 2x SMGWH-16, with hardened shaft in Cf53 Article: SMGWH-16-W-GC16-KHPP unit-data components: 1.) Shaft (1x): quality: Cf53 (1.1213) hardened: 59-65 HRC Rht min.0,9 grounded tol. h6 (0-11my) length: up to 1000mm (please take your needed length up to 1000mm in the field "length in mm") surface roughness: Ra <= 0,3 weight: 1,58kg/m straightness: 0,2mm/m 2.) Housing unit (2x): Type Ø d Ø D H h +0,01 -0,02 A L E1 +/-0,15 E2 +/-0,15 N1 N2 Ø d1 M Gew. kg SMGC-16-KHPP 16 24 38 19 45 30 15 34 11 18 4,3 M5 0,13 3.) Shaft support block SMGWH-16 (2x): Type Ø d A B H h +/-0,02 E +/-0,12 Ø d1 Ø d2 M N1 N2 Gew kg SMGWH-16 16 45 20 38 22 32 5,2 10 M6 13 18 0,07 We delivered the components unmounted, the linear ball bearing will be greased Please give us your note for the wished length up to 1000mm in the button field "length in mm". The cut and chamfer is without surcharge!

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