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HIGH QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS LIPP brings over 55 years of experience in the field to every project, helping to meet the most demanding safety and quality standards that will deliver profitability and reliability. Proven technologies, such as the spiral LIPP Double Seam System and Verinox material, have been developed and proven to deliver both flexible and efficient storage systems. Tanks are erected via a construction method exclusively employed and developed by LIPP, delivering customizable tanks for any application with a volume of 10,000m3 or more. Perfectly matched to the purpose of each installation, each tank incorporates large volume with a customized interior. LIPP understands that adaptability provides solutions for various applications and requirements – so customers can even specify their own services to lower the total cost of investment.

Tanks, metal
  • Tanks Development
  • Construction Tanks
  • Tanks Spiral

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