Lipp Double-seam



FLEXIBLE, SAFE AND PROVEN THE WORLD OVER – THE LIPP DOUBLE SEAM SYSTEM Conventional systems are often unsuitable for the optimum, safe storage of solid or liquid substances and their use can result in premature corrosion, leaks and problems with safety. Flexibility is another important factor. Tanks must be flexible in terms of size and substrate and optimally adaptable to the local conditions. THE LIPP DOUBLE SEAM SYSTEM HAS PROVEN ITSELF TIME AND TIME AGAIN ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR MORE THAN 45 YEARS MULTI AWARDED. The principle of the LIPP Double Seam System is as follows the edges of steel strips are folded over together twice, connecting them together in such a way that even aggressive liquids inside the tank cannot find any surfaces to attack. The result corrosion is prevented and maximum leak tightness is achieved.

Tanks, metal
  • Lipp Double
  • Seam Lipp
  • Lipp Flexible

Product features

Diameter continuously variable from 3 to 50m
Height continuously variable from 2 to 35m
Volume from 40 to 10,000m3
Stainless steels e.g. 1.4301 [304] or 1.4571 [316Ti]
Galvanised/black steels further materials on request

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