Lipp® Liquid Storage Tanks

Storage and treatment of liquids, e.g. waste water, sludge, etc.


LIPP® Liquid Storage Tanks are fabricated with best material, as this is the most important quality factor. Municipal/industrial waste water and sludge or certain processing, intermediate and end products from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries set high requirements regarding the tank material, for example. LIPP offers a variety of materials, ranging from galvanised steel through the combination material Verinox to highalloy stainless steels. Variants waste water tanks sewage sludge tanks process water tanks storage tanks firefighting water tanks Mixing and compensation tanks buffer tanks stockable sludge tanks rainwater reservoirs Filtrate water tanks activation tanks Percolating filter tanks Landfill leachate tanks & Special tanks on request

Storage tanks
  • Liquid Storage Tank
  • Waste Water Tank
  • Sewage Sludge

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