Lipp System Solutions – Process Fluids



Depending on the industrial sector, more or less complex processes take place with more or less difficult media. These media are needed either for the production process itself or for supporting processes and can have very special properties. Thanks to the VERINOX used, Lipp can tailor the tank material exactly to medium and process and thus offer the best technical and economic solution. Parts and accessories can also be individually selected and installed according to the project. This means that Lipp system solutions can be considered both for simple solutions such as part of a fire protection system, but also for complex requirements, such as in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry. So much flexibility in terms of the possibilities for use is a powerful argument for cooperation with Lipp. Engineering offices gain a partner who covers a wide range of applications and provides the same high quality worldwide.

Tanks, metal
  • Fluids Lipp
  • Tank Fluids
  • Verinox Tank

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