Lipp® Universal Digester

The LIPP® Universal digester which unlike the KomBio reactor does not have an in


The LIPP® Universal Digester essentially consists of a (VERINOX®) stainless steel tank with a modular design. Panel heating and insulation are fitted on the outside and are easily accessible. The heat input is optimized due to the good heat conduction of the steel. The container is covered by a selfsupporting stainless steel diaphragm, which is particularly corrosionresistant making it suitable for use with aggressive media. This type of digester has a volume of 200 to 5,000 m³. The wall heating and insulation is external. Smooth internal walls and customized stirring technology. Low demand for process energy. Minimal maintenance requirements and a long service life. Certified by CSTB.

Storage tanks
  • Universal Digester
  • Digester
  • Fermentation Tank

Product features

Cover Stainless steel membrane roof
tank wall VERINOX® stainless steel
Operating pressure 0 – 7 mbar
Storage Media substrate-flexible
System LIPP® Double-Seam-System
Volume 200 – 5.000 m³
Mixing individual and patented mixing solutions
Certification DIBT: General Technical Approval by the building inspectorate DIBt No. Z-14.3-15 CSTB certified: No

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