Lipp® Welded Tanks

Welded Tanks produced by an automated welding process


LIPP® Welded Tanks offer the ideal storage solution for a wide variety of media. Tanks are produced by means of an automated welding process specially developed by LIPP® and can be constructed individually in diameter in volumes of 50 to 10,000 m³ according to the application. LIPP® offers a corresponding selection of metallic materials suitable for use with storage media ranging from drinking water and foodstuffs to ethanol or oil. These materials range from a variety of different steel grades to highalloy stainless steels. The automated process meets the highest quality standards. LIPP® Welded Storage Tanks can be produced within a short time, either on site in the open air or inside a building.

Storage tanks
  • Welded Tank
  • Welded Storage Tank
  • Automated Welded Tank

Product features

Diameter (stainless steel) continuously variable from 4 to 25 m
Diameter (steel) continuously variable from 6 to 50 m
Height (stainless steel) stepless 3 - 20 m
Height (steel) continuously variable from 3 to 20 m
Volume (stainless steel) from 50 to 6.000 m3
Volume (steel) from 100 to 10.000 m3
Wall thickness (stainless steel) 2 - 6 mm
Wall thickness (steel) 4 - 10 mm
Certification TÜV Nord EN1090 TÜV Nord DIN EN ISO 3834-2 patented system

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