Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack industry
SK 3378.100  - RITTAL


Benefits: Maximum energy efficiency due to EC fan technology and IT-based control Minimal pressure loss at the air end, which in turn minimises the power consumption of the fans By using high water inlet temperatures, the proportion of indirect free cooling is increased, which in turn reduces operating costs Optimum adaptability due to dynamic, continuous control of the cold water volume flow Targeted cooling output due to modular fan units Fan modules configurable as n+1 redundancy Standard 3-phase connection for electrical redundancy With redundant temperature sensor integrated at the air end as standard The separation of cooling and enclosure prevents the ingress of water into the server enclosure Up to 55 kW cooling output on a footprint of just 0.36 m² Touchscreen display may be retrofitted. Minimal area load due to low weight Function principle: The LCP draws in the air at the sides at the rear of the server enclosures, cools it using high-performance compact impellers, and blows the cooled air back into the front part of the server enclosure at the sides Integration into RiZone IT monitoring: Monitoring of all system-relevant parameters such as server air intake temperature, server waste air temperature, water inlet/return temperature, water flow, cooling output, fan speed, leakage Direct connection of the unit via SNMP over Ethernet

Product features

Width 300 mm
Height 2000 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Weight 194 kg
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