Liquid Pumps

BPS-215i 120V


The Bimor's driving force, the bimorph, comprises two parallel piezoelectric wafers. Their nature is to expand or contract depending on the direction of the voltage. Therefore, when an alternating current is applied, one wafer expands then contracts while the other contracts then expands, causing the biomorph to bend. Repeating the cycle creates a pumping action, as the diagram below shows

  • Piezoelectric Biomorph
  • Bimor Biomorph
  • Bimorph Piezoelectric

Product features

Current 3 mA
Flow Rate 30 ml/min
Outlet Pressure 150 mbar
Self-Priming Pressure 30 mbar
Housing Material PP
Bimorph Material PP
Valve / O-Ring IIR
Weight 40 g
Suitable Liquids Chlorinated Detergents

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