PR500 series liquid thermostatic bath use liquid as the working medium, which forms a uniform and stable temperature environment through the media heating or cooling as well as mechanical forced mixing and intelligent PID regulation instrument precision temperature control, so as to achieve calibration of a variety of temperature instruments (such as: thermal resistance, glass liquid thermometer, pressure thermometer, bimetallic thermometer, thermocouple, etc.). PR500 series liquid thermostatic bath use the advanced mechanical processing equipment and technology, which fully guarantees the durability of the products. The structure of lateral mixing and the advanced temperature control technology effectively guarantee the temperature field uniformity and temperature fluctuation indicators of the thermostatic bath. Features: 1. Resolution 0.001℃, accuracy 0.01 level. The PR2601 precision temperature control module independently developed by the company is used to achieve 0.01 level...

Oil-fired power stations, installations and equipment
  • portable low-temp bath
  • Liquid Thermostatic Bath with antifreeze solution
  • Liquid Thermostatic Bath with deicing fluid

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