Specification of this Liron FDC DC link capacitor cylindrical shell film capacitor company Liron is a professional capacitor manufacturer focusing on snap-in, screw terminal, radial type aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors. Liron owns world-class production equipments which can offer 120,000,000 pcs production output per month for its distinguished clients worldwide. Liron superior capacitor can match low ESR, long lifetime, low resistance, low leak current, High working voltage and more different requirements. FDC series is a DC link capacitor cylindrical shell film capacitor that matches following SPEC. FDC series is suitable for the DC-Link circuit in solar inverter, wind power converter, inverter, electric locomotive, UPS,EPS, SVG and other power electronic equipments, and plays a role in voltage supports, DC filter, energy storage and so on.

Passive electronic components and printed circuits
  • link capacitor
  • cylindrical shell film capacitor
  • capacitor
  • film capacitor
  • Liron FDC
  • aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • screw terminal
  • High working voltage

Product features

Rated standard GB/T 17702, IEC 61071
Capacitance range 20~6000μF
Voltage range 500~4000V.DC
Capacitance tolerance ±5%(J)、±10%(K)
Test voltage between terminals and shell 1.5Un/10s(20±5℃)
Loss tangent of dielectric 2ⅹ10-4
Test voltage between terminals ≦1500 V.DC 3000V. AC/10s (20±5℃)| >1500V.DC (Un+1000) V.AC/10s (20±5℃)
Insulation resistance ≥10 000s(20±5℃,100V.DC,1min)
Operating temperature range -40~+85℃
Storage temperature range -40~+85℃
lifetime expectancy 100 000h (Un, 70℃)
Failure rate 50FIT

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