Specification of this Liron LQR2A small size high ripple current long lifetime screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor company Liron is a professional capacitor manufacturer focusing on snap-in, screw terminal, radial type aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors. Liron owns world-class production equipments which can offer 120,000,000 pcs production output per month for its distinguished clients worldwide. Liron superior capacitor can match low ESR, long lifetime, low resistance, low leak current, High working voltage and more different requirements. LQR2A series is a long lifetime high ripple current product that matches following SPEC. LQR2A screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor, can be used in switching power, frequency converter, air conditioning,for welder and PCB mounting etc. LQR2A series has smaller case size and higher ripple current (ave.20%) compared with LQ3X.

Passive electronic components and printed circuits
  • aluminum electrolytic capacitor
  • capacitor
  • screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitor
  • electrolytic capacitor
  • voltage

Product features

operating Temperature range -25℃~+85℃
Rated voltage range 400~450V.DC
Capacitance tolerance ±20%(20℃,120Hz)
Leakage current 0.01CV(μA)or 5 mA,Whichever is smaller [C=Nominal capacitance (μF),V=Rated voltage(V)]
Dissipation factor Less than the value specified in the standard products table.
Permissible ripple current As specified in the standard products table.(85℃,120Hz
Standard JIS C 5101-4

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