Lite-1 Bracket for Fastening Flat Couplings to Supports

5.26€ HT
FCA Ufa 5.27 EURO


Is used for backbone and subscriber FOCL supports as a bracket for an optical distribution box type SNR-FTTH-FDB-24A. This bracket allows storing a cable slack in a coil Ø350 mm in the space between the bracket and the support body.

Cables & Networks
  • construction of telecommunication networks
  • GPON
  • Bracket for Fastening

Product features

Cable Ø10 mm 2 pcs, 5 m each
Cable Ø6 mm 8 pcs, 1.5 m each
height 350 mm
width 300 mm
Depth 80 mm
Installation Use a mounting tape (2 pcs.) to attach the unit to the support. Use 3 M5 screws and M5 nuts (3 pcs)
Material Painted galvanized steel sheet

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