The unassuming Plug-Top charger. The economic solution to reliably charging small to middle-sized batteries. Consistently delivers its rated max. charge current over the entire bulk-charge phase. Conditional re-start of a charge cycle. Charger switches off at 'Battery-Full'. A new charge cycle is triggered after a given number of days elapsed, or when the charger sees a pre-set, lower, voltage level across the battery terminals. Customer-defined charge parameters. MEC also produces the Nova-40 with special charge profiles, on request. Safety Features. Short circuit-, overload- and reverse polarity protection Other: If the specs you require can not be met by our standard charger, a mouse-click, here, can bring you closer to a solution

Product features

*)End-of-Charge Voltage/Charge Current 14.4V/2.7A to 28.4V/1.5A (4S - 8S)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C, @ 100VAC
*)Mains-In 100-240VAC/50-60Hz Countryspecific AC-pins, insert molded
*)DC-Out Charge cord with open ends (standard) On request with Ring Terminals, or Alligator clamps
WxDxH / Weight 65x106x46mm / 290g
Agency Approvals CE, AU, UK

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