The quiet power station. With a slow-running cooling fan the irritating hiss of fast spinning fan blades is at a minimum. Readiness of equipment and personal quiet, in the calm of idling boats or mobile homes, is ensured. With a sturdy metal enclosure. With AL-alloy extruded side rails and powder painted sections of pressed sheet metal and detachable wall-mount brackets. 'Auto Wake-Up' of battery in sleep mode. Connecting the battery will ready it for charge acceptance Conditional re-start of a charge cycle. Charger switches off at 'Battery-Full'. A new charge cycle will start after a given number of days elapsed, or when a preset voltage level across the battery terminal is seen by the charger. Customer-defined charge parameters. MEC emails to authorized customers, upon request, files for special charge profiles. Uploading these to the Nova-1200, via its integrated data port, effortlessly overwrites the existing charge profile, rendering a charger made to specs,...

Product features

LiIon LiFePo4 (5-14S)21.0V/40A to 58.8V/20A (6-16S)21.6V/40A to 57.6V/20A
Output Power 1200W
Operating temperature -25°C to +40°C
Mains-In 100VAC-240 VAC/50-60Hz
Output 2-way Screw-terminal block, for DC-Cord
Dimension / Weight 190x360x85mm / 4500g
Safety Certificates CE
Modifications AC-Cable DC-Cable,Optics Charge curves, Charge enable CAN-Bus,Approvals

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