Litigation and debt collection


The classic legal service rendered by our company is litigation in the arbitrazh courts of Russia. Over the past 15 years, the Service-nafta team has successfully resolved 95% of the legal disputes submitted to us. Winning a case and getting a court decision to collect the debt does not mean the final victory over the opponent, the stage of enforcement proceedings begins when it is necessary to execute the court decision. Often, at this stage of protection of rights, you may meet certain difficulties in particular due to the unconscionability of the counterparty, who may hide their property or money. Service-nafta has significant experience in supporting procedures for the execution of judicial acts both in Russia and in other countries, including searching for property, preventing fictitious bankruptcy of the debtor or the withdrawal of assets from the company, supporting operations for the seizure of the debtor’s property, assessing its property, as well as its sale and storage.

Legal counselling
  • International litigation
  • enforcement proceedings
  • Debt collection

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