CNC lathes use this type of center almost exclusively and they may be used for general machining operations as well. Spring-loaded live centers are designed to compensate for center variations, without damage to the work piece or center tip. This assures the operator of uniform constant tension while machining. • This center can be used on all CNC lathes, has a point angle of 60 degrees with double angular contact bearing, thrust bearing and needle roller bearing at the end of point in the shank. • Available in two types with a carbide point and with a tool steel point. • Concentricity within 0.005 mm. • Bearings are protected by a neoprene seal for longer life. Item Code No. Carbide PointItem Code No. Tool Steel PointTaperMax RPMWork Pc Weight ABM-IMT-4350ABM-IMT-4354MT23500300 ABM-IMT-4351ABM-IMT-4355MT33500400 ABM-IMT-4352ABM-IMT-4356MT43500550 ABM-IMT-4353ABM-IMT-4357MT52500750

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