Live Tools Haas
Live Tools for machine type Haas  - BENZ GMBH WERKZEUGSYSTEME


Live Tools for machines: HL 1 HL 2 HL 3 HL 4 SL 20 SL 30 TCE 550 TCE 550 T TCE 860 TCE 860 T TL 15 TL 25 SL 20 „Hybrid-Turret“ SL 30 „Hybrid-Turret“ SL 40 „VDI-Turret“ TL 15 „Hybrid-Turret“ TL 25 „Hybrid-Turret“ Available in the following versions: BENZ Solidfix® axial BENZ Solidfix® radial Collet Chuck axial Collet Chuck radial Collet Chuck swiveling

Steels and metals - machining
  • Driven tool
  • Live tool
  • Haas

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Video: Metal machining with BENZ driven live tools

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