Live Tools Nakamura

Live Tools for machine type Nakamura


Live Tools for machines: Nakamura SC-250 Nakamura TMC 18 Nakamura TW 10 Nakamura TW 41 Nakamura WT 20 Nakamura WT 150 Nakamura WT 250 Nakamura-Tome Super NTJ Nakamura-Tome Super Nakamura NTX Nakamura SC-300 Nakamura SC-300 L Nakamura SC-300 LM Nakamura SC-300 M Nakamura TW 20 Nakamura WT 300 Nakamura-Tome Super NTX Available in the following versions: BENZ Solidfix® axial BENZ Solidfix® radial BENZ Solidfix® radial Double spindle Collet Chuck axial Collet Chuck radial Collet Chuck radial Double spindle Collet Chuck swiveling

Steels and metals - machining
  • Driven tool
  • Live tool
  • Nakamura

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Video: Metal machining with BENZ driven live tools

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