The density of the material fed to the mat formers as well as the weight of the formed mat are important factors and must therefore be continuously monitored. CMC TEXPAN's load-cell scales can easily be tted into new or existing production lines to ensure consistent PB, MDF or OSB qualities. They can be installed inside metering bins to control the density of the material fed to the mat formers or downstream of mat formers to control the weight of the formed mat. The core of a mat scale is its weighing table, made of aluminium and split into two halves each connected to the relevant load cells by means of weighing levers. Mat scales operate in "load" mode that is to say the heavier the weight on the scale, the higher the load on the cells. The weight detected by the load cells will be displayed on a digital amplier, shielded against high and low frequency noise, which will give an mA-output signal for further processing in a PLC.

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Cmc Texpan
  • Sienpelkamp
  • Sienpelkamp Loan Cell Scales
  • OSB qualities
  • Mat scales
  • digital amplier


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