The original RINGFEDER ® Locking Assemblies featuring double-tapered thrust rings with self-releasing tapers. They bridge relatively large fit clearances, are easy to install, adjust or remove, but are not self-centering. A pre-centering hub section is usually required. Slimmest design, especially suitable for applications where space is limited. The Locking Assembly RfN 7012 compensates small tolerance deviations and compensates small mounting errors. Large transmittable forces and moments – several Locking Assemblies RfN 7012 can be placed one behind the other. The transmissible torque and axial forces are added - please take in this respect consulting with our technical experts. Bending moment and radial loads – combined loads can be transmitted. ( Please contact our technical department for assistance). Easy installation – RfN 7012 Locking Assemblies can bridge large clearances without the loss of transmission values. Low risk to contamination – during the tightening process...


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