Locking Assembly for bending loads

RfN 7012


Typical belt drum application The bending moment acting on the hub/shaft connection is the main load to evaluate in a belt drum or similar application. Excessive bending moments can cause overstress in the webs between the screw holes in the locking assembly. In the case of additional loads (bending moments/ radial loads) screw tightening torques may have to be reduced. To limit the influence of the bending load on the locking assembly connection we use the following criteria during the belt drum design process: - Shaft deflection from the bending moments can only have a maximum deflection fm < 1/2000 * L (bearing centre distance). - For the permissible bending load values please refer to our tables. If the pressures are too high for the application please note datasheets Mb 20% - Mb 80% with reduced bending moments. One of the most demanding challenges of our promise of performance is the conveyor pulley application field. The extreme loads which such components are subject...

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