This version of the RfN 7015 is designed for high bending load applications such as conveyor pulleys, by providing lower shaft and hub pressures. If the pressures are too high for the application please note datasheets Mb 20% - Mb 80% with reduced bending moments. Characteristics Version of the Locking Assembly RfN 7015.0 with lower surface pressure for reduction of the stresses at soft end discs. Explanation to table A bending moment, created by radial forces, results in an additional load for the Locking Assembly, shaft and hub. This load creates an additional pressure, works in rotation and has to be superpositioned with the pressure resulting from the Locking Assembly. For a viable connection, a minimum surface pressure at the contact areas between Locking Assembly, shaft and hub must be maintained, as soon as shaft and hub have to take up the maximal pressures. Additionally, the listed torque values (T) have been reduced due to the additional bending moments. To achieve...


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