"LOCTITE® 270 is a hard-to-removal threadlocker that prevents parts subject to vibration, such as fastening screws, nuts or pins, from loosening. Ideal for securing permanent connections that cannot loosen. Works on all metals, including passive substrates (e.g. stainless steel, aluminium and plated surfaces). It has a tolerance to light contamination with industrial oils, e.g. engine oils, anti-corrosion oils and coolants. Removable when heated up to 300°C. Difficult to dismantle product to secure threaded connections as effectively as possible. Prevents self-torsion of parts subjected to vibration, such as fixing screws of pumps, gearboxes or presses"

Glues, adhesives and applicators
  • Anaerobic threadlocker
  • Difficult to disassemble
  • All metal threaded connections

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