"LOCTITE® 518 cures in the absence of air when closed between heavily compressed metal surfaces. It is an anaerobic sealant designed for sealing rigid flange joints made of iron, steel and aluminium. LOCTITE 518 fills gaps up to 0.25 mm in size and forms a flexible, chemical resistant sealant that will not break or disintegrate. The sealed parts can be easily disassembled, even after a long service life. Typical applications include sealing joints between rigid faces and metal flanges. It is also used to seal rigid flange joints, for example between gearboxes and motor housings. Semi-flexible, medium-strong anaerobic sealant for flange joints. It can be easily applied on automated production lines. Reduces process costs - eliminates manual assembly of traditional seals."

Glues, adhesives and applicators
  • Universal flange sealant
  • Medium strength
  • Excellent dirt tolerance.

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