"LOCTITE® 55 is designed to secure and seal threaded joints in metal and plastic piping systems. It does not cure and provides an immediate quick, easy and reliable seal. The product is DVGW/KTW approved for use in gas and drinking water installations and NSF/ANSI approved, Standard 61. General purpose sealant for threaded joints in pipe installations. No curing, immediate sealing is done under full pressure. Quick, easy and reliable sealing. It has DVGW/KTW approval for use in gas and drinking water installations. Tested according to EN 751-2 Class Arp and DIN 30660. NSF/ANSI compliant, Standard 61. Certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61."

Glues, adhesives and applicators
  • Loctite 55
  • Thread sealant
  • Immediate quick, easy and reliable seal

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