"LOCTITE® 577 is used to secure and seal threaded joints in metal pipe installations. It has excellent resistance to many chemicals. Liquid general purpose sealant for all metal threads. Only works on metal threads. Immediate low-pressure seal. It is resistant to fuel, oil, coolants and hydraulic fluids. Protects connections against loosening under the influence of vibrations. Approval P1 NSF No: 123001. Compliant with German DVGW standard (EN 751-1): NG-5146AR0621. WRAS approval (BS 6920): 0711506. DVGW Approval (EN 751-1): DVGW Reg. No. NG-5146CQ0312."

Glues, adhesives and applicators
  • Loctite 577
  • Thread sealant
  • Medium removable

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