"LOCTITE® HY 4070 is a two-component clear (colorless or pale yellow) cyanoacrylate/acrylic based gel hybrid adhesive for fast setting at room temperature, used in crevices up to 5 mm. Works well on various substrates such as most plastics, rubbers and metals. It is suitable where complete curing of excess glue is required, as well as resistance to temperature and moisture. Best applied with the LOCTITE® 10 ml mixing nozzle for hybrid and cyanoacrylate adhesives (for HY 4070 and 3090). It does not drip. The consistency of the gel prevents the adhesive from spreading even on vertical surfaces. Fills gaps up to 5 mm."

Glues, adhesives and applicators
  • Loctite HY 4070
  • Hybrid adhesive
  • Fast setting

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