Lodestar CL HV

OHL fault locator


Special models of fault indicators Lodestar CL HV for High voltage lines has high designed high noise immunity. Lodestar CL HV has only with visual indication. It is convenient to locate it in a well-viewed area, for example, at the entrance of overhead lines in a substation. Lodestar CL HV benefits: • All Lodestar HV indicators are equipped with a short-range radio channel of the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, which allows you to easily configure and adjust the settings from any smartphone with the PPI-3 software installed; • It is possible to determine the status of the high-voltage line both visually, thanks to the LED indication, and using a portable remote control. (Smartphone with Lodestar App).

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • Fault indicators
  • indicators
  • short-range radio channel

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