Lodestar CL0.5

OHL fault locator


Lodestar CL0.5 was designed to work in isolated and compensated networks with extremely low levels of residual current. Lodestar CL0.5 has high accuracy of all types of faults detection. The registering of faults is based on special intelligent algorithm, that makes possible to detect PtG fault and its direction from 0.5A. Real time sensors communication open up a wide range of communication sensors possibilities for data analysis. Lodestar CL0.5 benefits: • Detection of direction of all types of faults; • Different indication patterns: via ultra brigt LEDs, in SCADA system or in Lodestar App; • Extended memory. More than 200 last events can be saved in the memory and displayed in Lodestar App; • Super sensitivity. Detects all types of faults from 0.5A; • Can be used in any types grids with any types of neutral grounding; • Used in radial and double-fed lines; • Auto-adjustable PtG detection – no need to tune the residual current threshold.

Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments - electricity and other energy
  • faults detection
  • detection

Product features

Total indicating time >1000 hrs
Temperature -40°C to +85°C

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